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Auspice social

Auspice Social is a purpose driven social enterprise perusing meaningful profits. We produce 55 varieties of Naturally Dried Culinary Herbs, Seasonings, Spices.


Our Story

What defines an organization? Revenue, Profits, Products, Employees, Customers. All of them.

While we work hard to earn each of these and gain trust of our customers, we are also bound to a cause.

All our product are cleaned, sorted, packed and labeled by persons with Autism under the careful supervision of a qualified and experienced caregiver.

We do not employ non autistic persons for these jobs.

Many companies support and adopt social causes under their CSR programs. We appreciate their efforts to make a better world. But, hardly anyone places a social issue at the core of their existence.

We do.

Through our products we hope to inspire other organizations and individuals id that much more can be done and more needs to be done. Everyone can make a difference. Our message to them is start somewhere, start small.

Our Partners

Action for Autism is a not for profit organization that pioneered the autism movement in South Asia, and strives to access the rights of individuals with autism and their families. AFA is involved in lifespan activities including early intervention, education, assessments, work and employment, independent living, as well as awareness, advocacy and research.

AFA strives to make the world a more inclusive place for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Through a concerted effort from various wings: Open Door Clinical Services (Direct services for individuals with autism and their families), AADHAAR (Vocational Centre for adults with autism), Anvay (Research and Trainings), AAHAAN (Publications), AAILAAN (Advocacy), AFA addresses the individual needs of people with autism, their families and the autism community as a whole.

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